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Cabo San Lucas Charter Fishing - Charter Safely and Securely and Avoid Ripoffs and Scams in Cabo

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters with Pocho's Charters

Nice couple of Wahoos caught in Cabo San Lucas with Pochos Charters
Take the time to look into the charter company you're thinking of fishing with and you'll end up with a good day on the water like our friend and longtime client, Thomas DeJager, pictured above.

Most folks that make the trip to Cabo San Lucas plan on doing a little fishing while here. Why wouldn't they? Afterall, this is one of the world's premier fishing hot-spots with more charter fishing boats than you can shake a stick at. It's the latter part of that sentence that often leads to disappointment. Having a lot of different boats to choose from is a good thing. But, it's that large number of boats that attracts some pretty shady characters... the aptly named 'coyotes' that hang around the marina looking for a few unsuspecting 'fish' to catch.

"Coyotes" earned their moniker down here in Cabo much like their counterparts up in Northern Baja border towns. Up north, they prey on poor people looking to cross into the US illegally. Pay them a hefty fee and they'll tell you how they can get you across the border and into the 'promised land' quickly and safely. Problem is, while there are some that actually do, most just take the money and run never having any intention of fulfilling their part of the bargain. Down here, they're not offering the 'promised land', they're offering the 'promised boat'.

Spend a little time on the docks and you'll hear all sorts of tales of fishing trips that never happened... but were paid for. That's the work of the 'coyote'. You'll no doubt be approached by them while walking the marina looking at all the pretty boats. "Hey Meester.... you wan't to go feeshing?" That's how it starts. Someone who looks like they must be part of a fishing operation approaches you and offers you a price so low you think you've just struck paydirt. Heck, we've even seen them wearing T-Shirts from reputable charter companies, including ours, acting as if they're actual employees of those companies. Problem is, they're not. What they are are scam artists dressed to impress... wolves in sheep's clothing.

If you fall into their trap, they'll soon have you handing over a 'deposit' to 'reserve' your boat for a day of fishing. Worse yet, they'll get you to part with the entire charter cost. They'll point out the boat.... "Yes, it is that big one over there... It's nice, no?" They'll tell you they work for the man who owns the boat. They'll tell you their uncle owns it. They'll tell you they'll be on the boat helping you catch fish. They'll tell you anything to get the cash out of your pocket and into theirs.

Come the morning of your supposed fishing trip, you find that the boat is gone or that someone else is already aboard. What you really find is that you've been ripped off, and there's not much you can do about it. Report it to the police? Sure, and they will help if they can find the culprit, but often they can't. These scammers will disappear for a few days or move to another location so you, or the police, won't be seeing them anytime soon.

Now, we don't want you thinking that everyone selling fishing trips on the waterfront is a looking to rip you off. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, we deal with quite a few agents who work the marina looking for charter clients. We know who the 'good' guys are and have no problem working with them. But, how can you know if you're dealing with a 'good' guy? Simple, ask them to take you to the charter office for the boats they represent. If they tell you they can't, or the office is closed, or some other lame excuse.... keep on walking. If they're legit, they'll earn a commission when they escort you to a reputable charter companies offices and will never have an excuse for not taking you there.

By far the safest way to book a fishing charter here or anywhere else is to deal directly with the charter company. You wouldn't buy a car from some guy in the parking lot of your local Wal-Mart, would you? So why risk dealing with some guy on the marina boardwalk? Do your homework. Do a little research online and you'll find plenty of legitimate charter services that have been around for years and have a bevy of repeat clients. Of course, we want you to choose Pochos Charters, but more importantly, we want you to have a pleasurable experience... one that brings you back to Cabo to fish again and again. And, should you contact us about a charter only to find that all our boats are booked for the days you want to go fishing, we'll gladly give you a couple of referrals to other trustworthy charter companies that do a good job.

We hope to see you in Cabo soon!
Bad Market, Charter Boat in Cabo San Lucas
Knowing what to bring aboard our boats will make for a better charter fishing trip experience.

• A good pair of UV protective sunglasses
Not only will they save your eyes, they'll cut through the glare on the water making it easy to spot fish that you would otherwise miss.

• Hat or baseball cap
When midday comes, you'll want a way to block the heat and keep yourself a bit cooler.

• Sunscreen (SPF 50+ is a good idea)
Put it on back at your hotel room and bring some with you remembering to reapply every few hours. Nothing ruins a trip faster than a severe sunburn.

• Seasickness medicine
If you're prone to seasickness, it's always a good idea to have one of a number of medicines that help prevent motion sickness. Any pharmacy carries several options, including those here in Cabo. The key is to take a dose before you go to sleep the night before your charter and then again when you awake that morning.

• Long sleeve shirt or jacket
Yep, we know it's hot down here most of the time, but get an early start and mix it with a little wind and seawater spray and you'd be surprised how chilly it can get. Pack an extra shirt or jacket just in case.

• Non-skid deckshoes or sandals
Slipping and sliding all over the deck is no way to fight a fish, and it's dangerous too! Just make sure the soles are non-marking and non-skid and you'll be good to go.

• Still and video cameras
Bring 'em if you have them. Some truly amazing things can happen on the water and being able to capture them in photos and video is icing on the cake. Plus, if you send them to us, we may even post them on our site!

• iPods or personal music players
If you're a music fan, bring along your tunes. All Pochos boats have stereos or Sirius Satellite Radio aboard, some even have iPod compatible systems so you can plug right in.

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